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NameSome TopicsWebsite
Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information SciencesEmbedded Systems, Cloud Computing, Distributed Computing, Control Systems, Intelligent Systems Simulation and ModelingClick_Here
GSTF International Journal on Computing (JoC)Cloud Computing, Performance Evaluation, Operating Systems, Multiagent Systems,Click_Here
International Journal of Embedded and Real-Time Communication Systems (IJERTCS)Testing techniques, Real-time computing, Performance modelingClick_Here
Real-Time SystemsComputer Systems Organization and Communication Networks, Performance and ReliabilityClick_Here
Journal of Embedded ComputingComputer Science, Information Technology and Software DevelopmentClick_Here
ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS)Domain-Specific Multicore Computing, Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications,Click_Here
International Journal of Embedded SystemsReal-time systems, Testing techniquesClick_Here
Journal of Systems and SoftwareReal-time, multiprocessingClick_Here


NameSome TopicsWebsite
RTAS: IEEE Real-Time and Embedded technology and Application SymposiumApplications, Systems, RTOSs, and ToolsClick_Here
CIICS: IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics and Computer SystemsInformation and Communication Technology, Cloud and Grid Computing , Real-Time Operating SystemsClick_Here
SIES: IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Embedded SystemsEmbedded Systems, Design and Validation of Embedded Systems,Real-Time Issues,Click_Here
RTCSA: IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and ApplicationsEmbedded and real-time systemsClick_Here
ECRTS: Euromicro Conference on Real Time SystemsEmbedded/RT Systems Design, Scheduling Design and Analysis, WCET AnalysisClick_Here
RTSS: IEEE Real-Time Systems SymposiumReal-time systems, compilers, tools, modeling, scheduling, QoS support, resource management, testing and debugging, hardware/software co-design, fault tolerance, security, power and thermal management, embedded platforms, and system experimentation and deployment experiences.Click_Here
EMSOFT: ACM International Conference on Embedded SoftwareTesting and validation, Operating systems and middleware, Scheduling and execution time analysisClick_Here
RTNS: International Conference on Real-Time and Network SystemsReal-time system design and analysis: task and message scheduling, modeling, verification, evaluation, model-driven development, worst-case execution time estimation, distributed systems, fault tolerance, quality of service, security;Infrastructure and hardware for real-time systemsClick_Here
DS-RT: IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications•Paradigms, Modeling, Architecture and Environments for Large Scale Real-time Systems and Concurrent Systems with hard and soft Real-Time ConstraintsClick_Here
TPCTC: TPC Technology Conference on Performance Evaluation & BenchmarkingVirtualization, Cloud ComputingClick_Here
EuroSysoperating systems, networking, distributed systems, security, real-time systems, cloud computing, data management, language runtimes, middleware, ubiquitous computing, embedded systemsClick_Here
MECO: Mediterranean Conference on Embedded ComputingReal-Time Systems , Adaptive Systems, Embedded Real-Time Operating Systems , Testing and Benchmarking,Click_Here
ESWeek : Embedded Systems WeekAll aspects of embedded systems and softwareClick_Here
ERTS : Embedded Real Time Software and SystemsCritical Transportation Systems, Internet of Things, Digital Manufacturing, Embedded computing platforms and networked systems, processes methods and tools, dependability, human system interaction, Click_Here
VALID : The Fifth International Conference on Advances in System Testing and Validation LifecycleTesting embedded systemsClick_Here
HPCS: The International Conference on High Performance Computing & SimulationGrid and Cluster Computing, Multi-Core Architectures and Support, Embedded and Application-Specific ArchitecturesClick_Here
IESS: International Embedded Systems SymposiumValidation and verification of embedded systemsClick_Here

Other EmS resources

NameSorted By Name In Ascending OrderWebsite
A wiki for calls for papersClick Here
Embedded systems Special Interest GroupClick Here

Lab Location

We are on VUB Campus Etterbeek.
The lab is in Building K
Rooms K4.71 and K4.72
4th floor
football field side

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