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Not getting ready for the exams in January?

Only few students started the mini-project. I suppose other are still struggeling finding the time do to the MOOC and mini-tasks.
The 1ste semester exams will be planned end of Janury in the week of 28/01/2019. Several half days will be available from which you can choose.

System operation restored

Sunday morning (201811110620) there was loss of connection to the website due to a UPS failure. This has now been fixed and we are back to business.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Use of Windows 10 PRO on your PC

ot is mandatory to have Windows 10 PRO on your Microsoft PC. The reason is simple: I suggest strongly to use Hyper-V as hypervisor for the exercises as this version is a subset of a professional tool used a lot in Cloud environments (on windows servers).

If you have already Windows 10 home edition, you only need a PRO key, update your license and the update will run automatically.
You can, get a key from VUB's Imagine license - find the link on the website or surf to VUB website.

If you don't have Windows 10  yet, You can also get an ISO file from VUB's Imagine license, or download one from my cloud space (see link in the toolbox section of the website).

If there are reasons NOT to get a license key from VUB's Imagine, let me know.


START the OSSEC course NOW!

Initially there was a session on Oct 1st and one 2 weeks later

However, on Monday Oct 1ste I needed to be in the hospital. Therefore there was a change of the first session towards last week (with only 2 students)

I will repeat all instructions on MONDAY  oct 15 - hopefully with everybody else in the room E2.04 at VUB.

 However, there is no real need for an intro session. Everybody can already start by going to the course website and carefully reading the instructions and start working as this course uses a flipped class/teaching concept.


Once this is done, everybody can then have specific questions I will answer during the 15/10 session.


 Please communicate this to your colleagues.




No nicknames in email addresses

Time to have an email address with your real name. Indeed, no NICKNAMES or Chinese like symbols are accepted. Zmail addresses not respecting this rule will be refused and this might have servere consequences if it comes to exam permission.

Using Windows 10 multilanguage - English version the only one permitted for the course

We do understand that you have a Windows 10 version in your own language. However in the framework of this course, only the ENGLISH language version is permitted. Windows 10 permits multiple languages. Therefore, if you normally work in your personal language instead of the English language, create a new user on Windows 10 and put it in the English language. The language packs are free. Then use this new user for communicating with the coach and make English language screenshots.

Inaugural session for the OSSEC course on Sept 24

The first session of the OSSEC course will be in room E2.04 on Monday Sept 24 at 1 pm. In this session, the coach will explain the working methodology of the OSSEC course using a FLIPPED class concept. Although there is no content dispatched, this is the most important session of the course. Hope to see you all present.

Lab Location

We are on VUB Campus Etterbeek.
The lab is in Building K
Rooms 4K207 and 4K208
4th floor
football field side

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Registration Needed

To access course material, one needs to be registered.
Follow the indications how to first register to the website and then to a particular course.