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End of Academic Year 2017-18

The academic year 2017-18 is now closed. Students who did not make it for the exam need to register again for a course of the new academic year using the new RSVP code.

Exam registration is OPEN

Exam registration for the june session is now OPEN.

For OSSEC you should individually register for one Friday (morning).
An individual has 10 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of QA. Every student registered for the session should be present during the whole morning when the collegues present and ask the questions.

For SEES, the whole team all together should individually register for one of the three Fridays afternoon.
A team is presenting together. A team gets 10 min + (number of teammembers - 1) x 5 min to present and the same time for QA.
Each team is presenting sepatately: only the jury members will be listening and asking the questions.

Don't hesitate to ask for complementary information is needed.



Looking for Ma-Thesis students

Hi Students,

The EmSlab has serious plans for the research and development of robots and drones for inspection, maintenance and repair. 
 In the included document you will find what it is about and as you will discover at the end of the document, I am looking for Ma-Thesis students to participate.

If you are interested in some of the proposals, don't hesitate to contact me for more detailed information.

Take into account that my style is to closely work together with the Ma-thesis student in order to obtain usefull results. This means I am following the details of what you do as you are used to in my courses. If you prefer doing an "independant" Ma-thesis, this is, receiving the mission and propose the results 6 months later, without help or intervention from the promotor, then working with me is no option. 

Hope to see some of you picking up the challenge,



httpS access to the website

From now on the website runs also in a httpS mode. Pages were passwords are filled in are de facto in httpS. The other pages run in both http and https mode. Hope this enhanced the privacy of your passwords.

Use of correct TAGS in the email subject line

Due to the flipped class concept, I receive a serious amount of emails everyday. In order to get organised I need you to use the TAGS which are described in the website. For the OSSEC course, it looks like  [OSSEC - OS-task x]  and later [OSSEC - SITREP y] bcdefgh.... For the SEES course; it looks like [SEES - SITREP z] abcdefgh.... The square brackets should be there!

Problems viewing video in website

I checked and indeed, there are problems viewing the video in the or website. As I have no immediate solution because I do not manage these websites I suggest to follow the video on the course website (tab MOOC, subtabs with the different modules) and to do the tasks and quiz on the iMinds/blendify website

ULB students W10 PRO key supplied by COACH

ULB sutdents not registered as VUB student can request a W10 PRO key to the coach by email.
If they also need an iso file with W10 to install as virtual machine, first try to get a copy from a collegue student, otherwise request a copy from COACH.


Lab Location

We are on VUB Campus Etterbeek.
The lab is in Building K
Rooms 4K207 and 4K208
4th floor
football field side

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Registration Needed

To access course material, one needs to be registered.
Follow the indications how to first register to the website and then to a particular course.