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Not getting ready for the exams in January?

Only few students started the mini-project. I suppose other are still struggeling finding the time do to the MOOC and mini-tasks.
The 1ste semester exams will be planned end of Janury in the week of 28/01/2019. Several half days will be available from which you can choose.

However, experience shows that most students will not meet that deadline. 
No worry. If you do not register for the exam or you don't show up, you get an ABSENT, meaning, no score, and you are automatically pushed towards the second session exam of September 2019.
You have then 2 choices:
- you can present the exam in September 2019 and get a good score which will be available in the CALI system soon after the exam.
- you don't want to wait till September: you can present during the second semester exam in June 2019. I will give you the score, but this score will only be introduced in the CALI system in September (and hopefully I won't forget to do so).

There is NO effect on your total score for your Master year if you do the exam in the first or the second session.
CONCLUSION: if you think you will not meet the deadline for the January exam, just postpone the remaining work to the second semester and concentrate on the other January exames. MOOCs and mini-tasks done don't need to be redone if you go for a second session. Just continue the work where you stopped.

Hope this helps. More clarifications and advice can be asked individually via email. Also, if you decide to postpone your work to the second semester, please inform me by email and give your new target: June or September.


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