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Use of Windows 10 PRO on your PC

It is mandatory to have Windows 10 PRO on your Microsoft PC. The reason is simple: I suggest strongly to use Hyper-V as hypervisor for the exercises as this version is a subset of a professional tool used a lot in Cloud environments (on windows servers).

If you have already Windows 10 home edition, you only need a PRO key, update your license and the update will run automatically.
You can, get a key from VUB's Imagine license - find the link on the website or surf to VUB website.

If you don't have Windows 10  yet, You can also get an ISO file from VUB's Imagine license, or download one from my cloud space (see link in the toolbox section of the website).

If there are reasons NOT to get a license key from VUB's Imagine, let me know.


Lab Location

We are on VUB Campus Etterbeek.
The lab is in Building K
Rooms 4K207 and 4K208
4th floor
football field side

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