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Network Workshop Blog

EXAM and workshop presentation

The workshop presentation will be organised the same day as the exam for this course, this means on January 18 2019.
A tight schedule will be communicated later. the teams will present together and at the same time, each team member will have to answer a theoretical question.
Details later.


VISIO availability

The VISIO software is available for download.
1. register to the website (via the welcome page).
2. go to the TOOLBOX/How To Get page  at where you will find W10 and Visio downloads.
3. Request a key  by email.

That's all folks,


Use of ENGLISH Windows 10

Use of Windows 10 ENGLISH sessions.
Prepare for the use of Windows 10 PROFESSIONAL edition.

See details (by clicking on the title of this message).


Lab Location

We are on VUB Campus Etterbeek.
The lab is in Building K
Rooms 4K207 and 4K208
4th floor
football field side

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